Friday, December 27, 2013

If my life is sad why am I so happy

1 month, 13 countries. Hours on planes, more hours of sleepless nights. Sounds like a nightmare or like a lot of fun. I have never looked better in my life like I look now. I have never been happier. Despite occasional time zone confusion and question I ask on board waiting for the plane to take off: 'actually, where are we going now?', there is no single misunderstanding. Even when our plane makes emergency landing with burning hot right engine I say: 'relax, nothing will happen to us, besides even if you stress out, nothing is going to change. You just die panicking instead of having nice thoughts.'
One can say: poor girl! Leaves the office at 20:30 on Friday night.
Hell yeah. My reward is waiting 3 sleeps away. If your home is where your heart is... Jerusalem is my villa.

To every man I said 'I love you' before, sorry... I was talking out of my ass. I had no idea what love is. Until now.